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Bachmann Forming AG is a new supporter of the sponsoring association. We thank you for your commitment to our efforts to combat the shortage of skilled workers.

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The Swiss Consumer Forum is a new member of the SVI. The two institutions have been working together for some time. The packaging industry benefits from the consumer organization in various fields of action.

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An insight into the work of our colleagues at the Ukrainian Packaging Institute Upakjour. Link to the journal

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At just under 5 million cubic meters, a total of 4% more timber was harvested in 2021 than in the previous year. Logs accounted for 2.5 million cubic meters - an increase of 6%. Energy wood confirmed

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In general, the following applies to both electricity and gas shortages: In the event of an imminent or existing severe shortage that the economy is unable to counteract itself, it is the responsibility of the Federal Council

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Since July 1, 2022, the so-called extended registration obligation applies in Germany, which has now come into force with an amendment to the German Packaging Act of 2019. In brief, this means that all traders who commercially

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Exciting and meaningful professions - as versatile as life! Every day, many people work to ensure the availability of our goods. Logistics service providers, transport and forwarding companies alone employ over 200,000 people throughout Switzerland. But not

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The winners of the Swiss Packaging Award 2022 have been chosen: At the awards ceremony in the old printing works in Baden, nine companies were honored with the renowned Swiss Packaging Award for their innovative packaging solutions.

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The prices for plastic and other materials are skyrocketing. This not only makes our products more expensive, but also endangers them worst case, the supply. to the report

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A law has been in force in the canton of Jura since the beginning of the year that obliges larger retailers to sell so-called “superfluous” Take back packaging material and collect it separately. Other cantons are discussing

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