JIG "Barriers or adsorbents for safe food-packaging with recycled paperboard"

On June 16, 2017, the first debate took place in the Cantonal Laboratory of Zurich with important representatives of the packaging – and foodindustry from Switzerland and abroad.

The meeting confirmed that clarification is needed: which solutions protect the packaged food completely and and lastingly from potentially critical contamination from recycling carton? Manufacturers should use data to convince their buyers, and buyers should not rely on promises. In this first discussion of this panel, the main criterion was how to assess barriers. The SVI guideline for inner bags has been proposed as the basis. By the end of July, we expect comments on this criterion (see the Meeting report).

Based on this criterion, measurement methods are to be developed. We intend to test the packaging solutions available on the market as well as experimental products. This also includes adjoining topics, such as set-off for the storage of coated cardboard, the effects of the fasteners, grooves and cutting edges, as well as evaluation of the transport boxes. Finally, the question arises as to and by whom all subjects are to be dealt with.

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